Dec 21, 2012

Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea - Environmental Book

Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea is a children’s book which is unique as the illustrations of the fish are full of glitter. The talented author and illustrator is Marcus Pfister.

A strong current pulled Rainbow Fish’s sparkling scale right off. The scale drifted over the edge of the canyon and sank down into the darkness. Rainbow fish dives over the edge to find his scale.

This is the beginning of Rainbow Fish’s enormous adventure into the deep dark and cold blue. The first person who Rainbow Fish meets is a Firefly squid who helps him on his search.

The glittering illustrations of the different creatures that the Rainbow fish meets are magical. There are deep down there eye catching bluish greenish tendrils of a siphonophore. The tendrils are poisonous.

This children’s book will enthrall children and capture their imagination. The green evaluation is Light Green.
Once you have read this book you will understand why this kids book won a string of prizes. The judges got it right and the book richly deserves the prizes.

Sep 12, 2012

Flying From the Amazon

I flew back to Florida from the Amazon last night.  It was a smooth and enjoyable trip.  My ears hurt a lot, but parts of the trip were beautiful and I thought about someone I love while traveling alone and how the future might be better.  On the first leg, I was in a small plane and it was rough on my right ear as usual because the pressure wouldn’t adjust properly.  On the second leg the flight was delayed, so I had to wait longer for the plane.  When we started loading it seemed that many of the passengers were families with two or three toddlers or babies.  “Oh Boy!” I thought, “It’s going to be a noisy flight.  Hope I am not sitting right beside a crying baby for 4 hours.”

When I turned in my boarding pass the clerk said they had reassigned my seat.  They put me in another seat in order to keep a family together.  I had requested an aisle seat near the rear (restroom).  They had moved me forward, but still in an aisle seat.  I said that would be okay.  As it turned out there were three seats on one side of the plane and two on the other.  I got on the two seat side and there was no sitting in the seat beside me, so I had lots of room, could sit in the window seat if I chose, and look down on the beautiful lights and clouds that were lit from underneath by the lights on the ground, a beautiful almost ethereal sight. 
The young couple in front of me were cute and obviously very much in love.  Looks like more babies and toddlers on the way!  They snuggled and fussed over each other through most of the trip until he fell asleep and she lovingly watched him doze against the window.

There was a woman sitting to my left with a couple of toddlers.  The one who sat in the seat across the aisle from me had red hair and was deaf.  His name was Patrick and he was a screamer.  He also liked to throw things and bite his mother.  He threw his sippy cup, pacifier (just as well, I don’t think you could pacify him with that), cookies, and anything else he could get his hands on. His target was my foot and the floor and the young couple in front of me.  His mother had her hands full.  Patrick’s older brother slept through most of the trip, probably worn out from having Patrick as a traveling companion.  Patrick and I exchanged conspiratorial winks and smiles across the aisle.  I knew his game, he is full of life, a force to be reckoned with and will soar higher in life than any jet could ever take him.
As I read Bill Tiller’s book about psychoenergetics, the energy of the human psyche, and tried to concentrate and follow it with my ears hurting and children screaming and the roar of the jet engines, I realized that everything I was hearing, like is the sound of life.  Though sometimes sounds distract and annoy us, like the sound of a neighbor’s barking dog, it is a beautiful, inspiring, song.  It is the song of life, the same life that animates me and drives me to do what I am doing.  I am bringing a message of love and enlightenment, my own brand of spiritual philosophy, to others because I am filled with life and life loves life.  It is what drives us on this planet, why we are cleaning up our planet, searching the solar system and beyond for signs of life, and helping each other on this planet.  Life Loves Life.  The life in me loves the life in you.  (In a minute I will be breaking into one of  my sweetheart’s favorite songs)

I had no problem with the crying babies, fussy toddlers, or parents who seemed at the end of their ropes, I tip my hat to them, maybe even buy them an Amazon e gift card!  I happily roared through the sky 30,000 feet above mother earth, reading my Tiller book and understanding a lot of it, even some of the physics about Fourier Transforms, and enjoyed being filled with and part of life. 

I am learning the physical basis for things I have learned or previously intuited from my own meditation experiences by reading the Tiller book. For instance, it seems that the communication from R space (the place where the information comes from that forms our world) works best at ground level and the farther above the earth you move, the weaker the signal.  That makes sense to me because my meditations, while sitting on the earth, have been the strongest.  The magneto waves that R space, our own higher selves, use to organize all the little particdles that make our world, move best through earth, not air, though they can move through air as well.  Very interesting, no?

I am going to meditate now then have another coffee.  The birds are singing and it will be a wonderful day on earth.  I need a day to decompress from my trip.  Maybe I’ll go to Tampa Bay Downs and watch the horses run, more evidence that life loves life and living.

May 11, 2012


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