Dec 21, 2012

Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea - Environmental Book

Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea is a children’s book which is unique as the illustrations of the fish are full of glitter. The talented author and illustrator is Marcus Pfister.

A strong current pulled Rainbow Fish’s sparkling scale right off. The scale drifted over the edge of the canyon and sank down into the darkness. Rainbow fish dives over the edge to find his scale.

This is the beginning of Rainbow Fish’s enormous adventure into the deep dark and cold blue. The first person who Rainbow Fish meets is a Firefly squid who helps him on his search.

The glittering illustrations of the different creatures that the Rainbow fish meets are magical. There are deep down there eye catching bluish greenish tendrils of a siphonophore. The tendrils are poisonous.

This children’s book will enthrall children and capture their imagination. The green evaluation is Light Green.
Once you have read this book you will understand why this kids book won a string of prizes. The judges got it right and the book richly deserves the prizes.

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